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Coal Creek Community Park and Museum - FREE ENTRY and unlimited fun for the whole family. Come along and ride the bush tramway, buy some old fashioned lollies from the general store, and feed the ducks in the lake. While you're here drop in and have a look at our Community Gallery, and be sure to talk to our volunteers for their knowledge of local history. Come on one of our scary Ghost Tours and see the village at night. Think of Coal Creek for your wedding, or for a special event with the family.

Café is Closed for renovation.


Do you have a whole stack of DVDs you want to sell? A spare army which you want to flog off? The GeekFest Second Hand Stall will be running all day . You can bring things to sell, or just buy stuff, it's up to you. Any unsold items will be returned to you. 20% of all takings go to Coal Creek.  
If you would like to sell your goods at our stall please complete the Second hand stall application and return to Coal Creek.
Fyodor KrasniyFounder, Madness and Tea.
“In my spare time, I enjoy working on visual art. In all my other time,
Krasniy’s work is one trip to a lunatic asylum, glasses filled to the brim with laudanum occupying a strange universe where beauty takes on a different meaning and precision and perfection are fraught with fragments and bouts of madness. Nothing is ever as it seems in Krasniy’s world. And with this, a Victorian era deportment, a noble yet profound charm and a slightly askew take on reality combine to create his absurd, manic and beautiful works


 Clockwork Colt

I make steampunk accessories and am willing to do custom orders. From jewellery and hat adornments to wrist warmers and costume weapons



Of Science & Swords was formerly a speciality retailer of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Speculative Fiction literature, with over a decade of continuous operation in a retail environment in the heart of Melbourne. During that time we noticed that nerds and geeks were finally rising to their true and rightful place in society thanks to the mainstreaming of big, action comic book based movies, the prevalence of internet cultures, and generally progressive attitudes.

During that time towards the end of the first decade of the 21st century we decided we could be more than just books and started selling things to make those the fantasy (or SciFi we guess) come true! We started selling props and replicas and it wasn't long until we branched into Live Action RolePlay, or LARP.

Sourcing from brands all over the world such as Epic Armoury, Calimacil, Palnatoke, and many more, we are able to provide not just weapons and armour, but also a complete range of clothing, accessories, prosthetics, makeup and general knick knacks. We can help you be an elf, orc, knight, whatever!
Don't dream: BE IT!





Alternate Worlds is also the oldest comic based business in Australia, established in 1977. Alternate Worlds stocks: Comics, Graphic Novels/Tradepapers, Manga, Games, Magazines, Models, Action Figures, Toys and other collectables. We specialize in having a comprehensive range of products, both old and new. We have a huge range of inventory, including: 500,000 back issues, the largest range of comic tradepapers and manga in Australia. Even if we don't currently have something you are after, we will try to acquire it for you.

You can view our entire range on our web site, and search based on the title's name, publisher, product type or almost any key word.