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Anne Frank
Travelling Exhibition

October 19 to December 22 2013 

From October 19, 2013 the travelling exhibition ‘Anne Frank, A history for today’, will be on display at Coal Creek Community Gallery until December 22.
It is a message to the young people of today, written by a 15 year old Jewish girl, that has become a worldwide symbol for the millions of Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

To prevent the family being taken captive by the Nazis, Anne Frank and her family go into hiding in an inconspicuous canal house on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam, on 6 July 1942. Their hiding place, the entrance of which is hidden behind a bookcase, is now known worldwide as ‘The Secret Annex’. On her thirteenth birthday Anne Frank receives a diary, in which she meticulously writes all that is happening around her and what she and her family have to endure. In August 1944 the hiding place of the Frank family and their friends is betrayed by an unknown person. They are separated from each other and sent to different concentration camps. Anne dies, aged 15 years, in Bergen-Belsen. Only her father survives the war. He decides that his daughter’s diary should be shared with the rest of the world.

Quotations from Anne Frank’s diary and photos of her family form a thread throughout the exhibition. To emphasise the chronological order of events, almost every panel contains a time line. Below the time line is the personal story of Anne Frank and above the time line the visitor is confronted with the ‘big historical events’ of that time.

The worldwide tour is coordinated by the Anne Frank House and is directed at young people from 11 to 18 years old. In the words of Ronald Leopold, general director of the Anne Frank Foundation: “The diary of Anne Frank is a book with a strong message which is still relevant for all young people throughout the world: ‘learn to live together with other communities and respect each other’s culture and habits.’ And that is what we want to explain in this exhibition.”

For more information about the education programs around this exhibition please fill in the contact form or call 03 5655 1811